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  • Eat Your Prenatal

    170 pages eBook with content, including…

    • A deep dive into the key ingredients in prenatal vitamins
    • In-depth explanations on these ingredients - including why these ingredients and forms of vitamins/minerals are not ideal for you, your body, and your baby
    • Why even “high quality” prenatal vitamins still fall short
    • & so much more!
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  • Rewild Your Gut

    A self-paced program designed to help you overcome your uncomfortable digestive symptoms without restrictive diets and stressful protocols so you can enjoy food again and live a happier, healthier life.

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  • Pro-Metabolic Cookbooks

    Digital eBook Cookbooks offering Pro-Metabolic recipes covering breakfast, Baked Goods, Latin, Asian, Mediterranean, and season-specific recipes.

    Available in a self-printable eBook format as well.

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